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Roger Waters - The Wall Live In Berlin (1990)

Kam damals live im TV. So wurde ich mit Zeuge von einem der größten musikalischen Egotrips aller Zeiten. Mahlzeit.

Kieran White

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Eine sxhöne Zusammenstellung. Und die großartige LivePlatte.

  1. "Introduction by Humble Hive" - 0:20
  2. "Mr. Farmer" (Sky Saxon) - 3:50
  3. "No Escape" (Jan Savage) - 2:25
  4. "Satisfy You" (Savage) - 2:00
  5. "Night Time Girl" (Saxon) - 2:35
  6. "Up in Her Room" (Daryl Hooper) - 9:45
  1. "Gypsy Plays His Drums" (Hooper) - 4:30
  2. "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" (Saxon) - 2:30
  3. "Mumble and Bumble" (Saxon) - 2:25
  4. "Forest Outside Your Door" (Saxon) - 2:40
  5. "900 Million People Daily (All Making Love)" (Saxon) - 4:50
  6. "Pushin' Too Hard" (Saxon) - 2:40
The Seeds - Future 1967

A1 IntroductionWritten-By – Sky Saxon 1:03
A2 March Of The Flower ChildrenWritten-By – Hooper*, Saxon* 1:45
A3 Travel With Your MindWritten-By – Hooper*, Savage*, Saxon* 3:00
A4 Out Of The QuestionWritten-By – Serpent*, Saxon* 3:02
A5 Painted DollWritten-By – Sky Saxon 3:20
A6 Flower Lady & Her AssistantWritten-By – Sky Saxon 3:15
A7 Now A ManWritten-By – Hooper*, Savage*, Saxon* 3:20

B1 A Thousand ShadowsWritten-By – Hooper*, Savage*, Saxon* 2:25
B2 Two Fingers Pointing At YouWritten-By – Sky Saxon 3:10
B3 Where Is The Entrance Way To PlayWritten-By – Sky Saxon 2:55
B4 Six DreamsWritten-By – Sky Saxon 3:05
B5 Fallin'Written-By – Hooper*, Saxon* 7:40

Can't Seem To Make You Mine 2:56
No Escape 2:08
Lose Your Mind 2:11
Evil Hoodoo 5:00
Girl I Want You 2:15
Pushin' Too Hard 3:03

Try To Understand 2:45
Nobody Spoil My Fun 3:50
It's A Hard Life 2:38
You Can't Be Trusted 2:05
Excuse, Excuse 2:20
Fallin' In Love 2:47
So, erstmal genug zum Hören...
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Kieran White

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So unglaublich skurril, dass es mir einfach Riesenspaß macht. Die Harmonitones aus Toronto.
Ich mag so etwas!!!

They perform at malls, parks and condominium clubhouses. The gigs are less atmospheric, perhaps, than the intimate club where Fredericks began. But when he trills I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, the audience -- usually an older crowd -- is as appreciative as any.

"We give the folks a lot of nostalgia and they like it," said Fredericks, a retired engineer who lives in Sunrise.

The Harmonitones got together 12 years ago, when the three Tamarac men discovered their shared interest. A couple of years later they were joined by Fredericks, who became their promoter as well as resident whistler.

For a while, the team played as many as 20 gigs a month but has slowed down since then, Fredericks said.

The group performs waltzes, polkas and songs from various countries. They play Israeli and Yiddish music for Jewish audiences and Christmas songs during the holiday season. Their repertory includes old favorites such as Spanish Eyes and The Sheik of Araby.

"That one's my specialty," Hal Dunayer said. "They call me the sheik."

Dunayer, the Harmonitones' 74-year-old band leader, plays The Sheik of Araby as a solo. Usually, he plays rhythm on a 2-foot-long, hinged chord harmonica, the largest instrument in the harmonica family.

Lead and harmony are provided by Sy Barr, and Barry Cohen plays bass on a 9- inch harmonica.

Cohen's first public performance also was more than 60 years ago. He accompanied Frederick Smith, known as "The Singing Marine," at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Cohen stopped performing when Smith was called back to the Marines. Cohen continued to play harmonicas for his own enjoyment, especially his Hohner Little Lady. Only an inch long, it is the smallest in the harmonica family.
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Deutscher Musiker, der nach Kanada auswanderte und 1972 eine tolle Bluesrock-/Rhythm'n'Blues-Platte veröffentlichte. Kommt immer mal wieder in meinen CD Player.

HANS STAYMER BAND - Hans Staymer Band (1972)




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Fun Ska und Reggae vom Punk-Bassisten der Band Rancid nochmal bei mir...erinnert mich ein bisschen an gute alte Clash-Zeiten irgendwie... ;)

TIM ARMSTRONG - A Poet's Life (2007)



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