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Concert In Paris 2021 Reissue
Threshold’s 2021 reissue of the direct-to-fan CD ‘Concert In Paris’

Recorded live during the band’s Hypothetical tour in 2001, it was the second of seven direct-to-fan releases that were designed to sit alongside the band’s official studio albums, providing concert recordings, deep cuts and rarities that were not available on the studio releases.

‘Concert In Paris’ track listing: Freaks, Turn On Tune In, Long Way Home, Change, Devoted, Light And Space, The Ravages Of Time, Paradox.

Threshold ‎- Freaks (Concert In Paris)


Alter Hase

We’re delighted to announce that our 4th ‘Direct-To-Fan’ CD ‘Replica’ (2004) is currently being reprinted and will be available again in a few weeks.
‘Replica’ is a collection of previously unreleased songs, remixes and new recordings including an early version of ‘Into The Light’ called ‘Endless Sea’, the previously unreleased full length version of ‘The Latent Gene’, acoustic versions of ‘Ground Control’ and ‘Forever’, a new version of ‘Surface To Stage’ with vocals by Mac, an industrial synth remix of ‘Opium’ and many more.
You can pre-order ‘Replica’ now from – available while stocks last.
While you’re there, you may also want to pick up one of the last ‘Legends Of The Shires’ World Tour T-shirts (now only available in size XXL) – limited stocks only.

THReSHoLD - Torn To Shreds

THReSHoLD - Ground Control (acoustic)


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Die Scheibe ist bei mir eingetroffen, wunderbar.

Threshold – Replica (2004/2021)

Eine wunderbare Neuauflage aus dem Hause „Threshold“ ist erschienen. Als Fanclub CD wurde sie erstmals 2004 veröffentlicht. Es gibt zwei unveröffentlichte Tracks, („Endless Sea“ und Torn To Shreds“) von denen der Zweitgenannte es damals nicht auf das Album „Subsurface“ geschafft hat, für meine Ohren ein Fehler, ist es doch ein ganz wunderbarer melodischer Midtempo Rocker mit Akustikgitarren Einsprengseln. „The Endless Sea“ ist ein Uralt Song, der aus der Zeit stammt, bevor die Band ihren ersten Plattenvertrag unterschrieben hatte. Hervorheben möchte ich noch den Track „Opium“, der im Original auf „Subsurface“ als schleppender Heavy Track daher kommt und hier im „Synthetic Mix“ das Hauptaugenmerk auf atmosphärische Keyboardsounds legt.

Für Fans der englischen Progressive Metaller unbedingt zu empfehlen.

Endless Sea (Unveröffentlicht) / Torn To Shreds (Unveröffentlicht) / Static (Alternative Version) / Fragmentation (Radio Edit) / Ground Control (Acoustic Version) / The Latent Gene (Uncut Version) / Forever (Acoustic Version) / Light And Space (Radio Edit) / Surface To Air (New Version) / Opium (Sythetic Remix)


Alter Hase
Threshold back in the studio
Threshold have entered Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, England to record the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2017 album ‘Legends Of The Shires’.
Guitarist Karl Groom comments: “After not seeing the rest of the band for the longest time I can recall, it’s great to be spending time together making music again. A new Threshold album is always special for the band, but this will mean a lot after recent events.”
Following the release of ‘Legends Of The Shires’, Threshold toured the album across 18 different countries before their touring plans were put to a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic.
‘Legends Of The Shires’ saw the return of vocalist Glynn Morgan, for the first time since the band’s 1994 record ‘Psychedelicatessen’. In regards to rejoining the band, and recording the follow up to ‘Legends…’, Glynn explains: “It’s an absolute buzz meeting up with the guys again and totally exciting to be getting going again. The whole ‘Legends’ journey was just so cool and it was awesome to be part of it, I just can’t wait to do it again!”
All of the songs for the new album have now been written and arranged, and the band are currently in the process of tracking their final performances.
Keyboard player Richard West concludes: “It’s all coming together beautifully and sounding better than ever. If ‘Legends Of The Shires’ had a slightly darker, moodier older brother then this would be it.”
Threshold’s as yet untitled new album will be released via Nuclear Blast Records in the first half of 2022.


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