Sitar Headswirlers


Various ‎– Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers, Vol. 1-11
The Rubble Collection ‎– RUBCDBOX6
11 × CD, Compilation, Remastered, Unofficial Release
Psychedelic Rock


Volume 1
1 –Ray Brown & Moonstone Story Of Ali
2 –Linn County Moon Food
3 –J.K. And Company Magical Fingers Of Minerva
4 –Omega Redstar Rettenettes
5 –The Basement Wall Tennybopper
6 –Abacus Song For Brumhilda
7 –Bröselmaschine La Rotta
8 –Gualbert Luz De Invierno
9 –Darius (3) I Feel The Need To Carry On
10 –Blonde On Blonde (2) Spinning Wheel
11 –The Pretty Things Bracelets
12 –The Frederic Morning Sunshine
13 –The Flames (6) Solitude
14 –July (3) The Way (alt. take)
15 –The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band A Child’s Guide To Good And Evil
16 –The Fraternity Of Man Wispy Paisley Skies
17 –The Misty Wizards It's Love
18 –Ramases Molecular Delusion
19 –C.O.B. (2) Let It Be You
20 –Lord Sitar I Am The Walrus
21 –The Vampires' Sound Incorporation Psycho Contact
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Volume 2
1 –US69 I'm On My Way
2 –Merrell Fankhauser, HMS Bounty A Visit With Ayshia
3 –The Paper Garden Man Do You
4 –Meic Stevens The Sailor & Madonna
5 –State Of Micky & Tommy I Know
6 –Ghost (2) Abyssinia
7 –The Mandrake Memorial Dark Lady
8 –1st Century Looking Down
9 –People (4) Lucky John
10 –Sagram Heavenly Feeling
11 –Bobby Callender Sade Masoch
12 –Mushroom's God Draped In Shades
13 –The Orient Express For A Moment
14 –Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera Air
15 –Erkin Koray Kardi Daglar
16 –Popol Vuh Nosferatu
17 –Brainticket Watchin’ You
18 –The Chocolate Watch Band Living In The Past
19 –Big Jim Sullivan She’s Leaving Home
20 –Dr. Timothy Leary – Freakout Turn On Tune In
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Volume 3
1 –The Mops Anthem
2 –The Amboy Dukes Psalms Of Aftermath
3 –S.T. Mikael Bom Bom Mahadev
4 –Strawberry Alarm Clock Black Butter
5 –Saffron (5) All Your Ambition
6 –Truth (13) Thoughts
7 –United States Of Existence Makin’ My Scene
8 –Meic Stevens Yoric
9 –Train (4) Dreams And Realities
10 –The Third Rail The Invisibile Man
11 –Hurdy Gurdy Peaceful Open Space
12 –The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Factory Endeavour
13 –Chim Kothari Eleanore Rigby
14 –Them (3) Black Widow Spider
15 –Bobby Callender Rainbow Colors
16 –Ray Brown & Moonstone Start Of A New Day
17 –The Storybook Psych-out Sanctorum
18 –Krokodil Sunlight’s Beautiful Daughter

Volume 4
1 –Mecki Mark Men Free
2 –Stunt's Blue Leg Expedition Caves Of Her Mind
3 –The Ugly Ducklings I Know What To Say
4 –Johnny Thompson Quintet Color Me Columbus
5 –Moonkyte The Grass Grow
6 –Dantalian's Chariot This Island
7 –Nick Carter (6) Prayer To St Peter
8 –The Twilights (3) Time Motion Study Man
9 –The Folkswingers 8 Miles High
10 –Ananda Shankar Renunciation
11 –New Tweedy Brothers! Wheel Of Fortune
12 –Wizz Jones One Grain Of Sand
13 –Kuni Kawachi, Flower Travellin' Band Graveyard Of Love
14 –Full Moon Band Morning Is Born
15 –Chim Kothari Indian Beat
16 –A Little Bit Of Sound Incense & Peppermints
17 –The Lemon Pipers The Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square
18 –Mehrpoojah Love Dance Of The Lemmings
19 –C.O.B. (2) Music Of The Ages
20 –Popera Cosmic Aurore Cosmic

Volume 5
1 –The Book Of Am I Am That Living Soul
2 –Shocking Blue Waterboy
3 –The Poppy Family Free From The City
4 –Magic Carpet (3) Feather Time
5 –Saffron (5) Vision Is A Lonely Word
6 –Wendy Kesselman Lonely Girl
7 –Elyse Weinberg Oh Deed I Do
8 –Calendula Dance Of The Red Moon
9 –Montreal (3) Infinity
10 –Fit & Limo Gopher Hat
11 –Pentangle Once I Had A Sweetheart
12 –Red Chair Fadeaway All Your Old Tricks
13 –Sheila Chandra Storm Trance
14 –Sheila Chandra Lament Of McCrimmon (Song Of The Banshee)
15 –Sally Eaton Flowers In The Air
16 –Ananda Shankar Cyrus
17 –The Wyld Olde Souls The Sun God
18 –Kali Bahlu How Can I Tell My Guru

Volume 6
1 –Tomorrow (2) Real Life Performed Dream
2 –Shiny Gnomes Temple Bells
3 –The Fox (4) Butterfly
4 –The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Sunbeams & Rainbows
5 –The Cosmic Gardeners Way Of Going
6 –The Nova Local Forgotten Man
7 –Family (6) Face In The Clouds
8 –Joseph (16) Cold Biscuits & Fish Heads
9 –Cheops (2) Salem Bibi
10 –3 Hür-El Aglarsa Aram
11 –Grail Grail
12 –Tømrerclaus Jeg Vil Gerne
13 –Paroni Paakunainen Mango Pu
14 –Magna Carta The Bridge At Knaresborough Town
15 –The Click Many Times Jimbo
16 –Catharsis Melba
17 –The Fallen Angels (3) I’ll Drive You From My Mind
18 –Violeta De Outono Within You Without You
19 –The David Another Day Another Lifetime

Volume 7
1 –Euclid Lazy Livin
2 –The Unspoken Word Anniversary Of My Mind
3 –Oriental Sunshine Oriental Sunshine
4 –Wolfgang Dauner Quintet Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun
5 –Truth (32) Archimedes Pad
6 –Bit 'A Sweet Speak Softly
7 –Flower Travellin' Band Dhoop
8 –Tales Of Justine Sitting On A Blunestone
9 –The Twilights (3) Devandra
10 –Wizz Jones America
11 –Saddhu Brand I Give You Johnee
12 –Oregon Rejoicing
13 –Lawson & 4 More Halfway Down The Stairs
14 –Pregnant Insomnia Wallpaper
15 –The Mirage Tomorrow Never Knows
16 –Brand X (3) Sun In The Night
17 –Unknown Artist Untitled ?

Volume 8
1 –The Churchills Debka
2 –Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood Journey To The East
3 –Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup Jabberwock
4 –David Hemmings Anathea
5 –Gates Of Freedom The Earth Is The Lord's
6 –The Koala Strange Feelings
7 –Blossom Toes Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head
8 –101 Strings Karma Sitar
9 –Greenwood, Curlee & Thompson Little Willy
10 –The Forum Quorum Girl Make Up Your Mind
11 –Iron Butterfly Slower Than Guns
12 –John Renbourn Lamento Di Tristan
13 –Charlie & Esdor Da Klagar Mina Grannar
14 –The Living Room (2) Just A Little Song
15 –The Seventh Seal Spiritual Springs
16 –Balsara & His Singing Sitars Strawberry Fields
17 –Humble Pie The Light Of Love
18 –Quintessence (3) Notting Hill Gate
19 –Sri Atma Ajit

Volume 9
1 –Apocalypse (11) Let It Die
2 –No Strange Smiling Time
3 –Gandalf (3) Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
4 –The Zodiac The Fire Fighters
5 –The Surprise Symphony Lion Song
6 –Universe (22) Jade
7 –Alex Purple Sally
8 –The Dave Pike Set Mathar
9 –Gabor Szabo In Search Of Nirvana
10 –The Superfine Dandelion Ferris Wheel
11 –The Hobbits I'm Just A Young Man
12 –The Folkswingers Norwegian Wood
13 –Them (3) Time Out For Time In
14 –Chad & Jeremy Sunstroke
15 –Pierrot Lunaire Narciso
16 –J.A. Caesar A Psychedelic Opera...Excerpts

Volume 10
1 –Galliard Ask For Nothing
2 –Shawn Phillips (2) Stargazer
3 –Brian Bennett Tricycle
4 –Sopwith Camel Dancin’ Wizard
5 –Rick Hayward Light In The Sky
6 –The Honeydew Never By Me
7 –The Flower Pot Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’
8 –The Sugar Shoppe The Attitude
9 –The Fallen Angels (3) Most Children Do
10 –Doug McArthur Dreams & Visions
11 –Rebecca And The Sunny Brook Farmers What Do You Think Of The War?
12 –William Truckaway I Go Slow
13 –The Ceyleib People Zendan
14 –Twinn Connexion I Think I'll Just Go And Find Me A Flower
15 –The Free Spirits I’m Gonna Be Free
16 –The World Of Oz Like A Tear
17 –The Virgin Sleep Love
18 –Tony Scott (2) Homage To Lord Krishna

Volume 11
1 –Chris Thompson (12) Hugo Spellman
2 –Volker Kriegel Zoom
3 –The Indo-British Ensemble Yaman (The Colonel's Lady)
4 –Raw (22) What To Do
5 –Panber's Rock & The Sea
6 –The David People Saying, People Seeing
7 –The Whatt Four Dandelion Wine
8 –Big Jim Sullivan Tallyman
9 –Zoot Money Soma
10 –The Morgans (2) Rasal
11 –The Lewis And Clarke Expedition House Of My Sorrow
12 –The Vampires' Sound Incorporation Dedicated To Love
13 –Gordon Jackson The Journey
14 –Friend And Lover Room To Let (To Rowena With Love)
15 –Sagittarius (2) Glass
16 –Blue Cheer Babaji (Twilight Raga)
17 –Shocking Blue Acka Raga
18 –Quintessence (3) Chant

Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Volumes 1-11; 11 CD Box New Sealed
• 11 CDs • Over 200 tracks
• 84 page full colour booklet with rare photos, detailed biographies and full discographies

‘Psychedelic rock and folk from the late 60s & early 70s – driving rockers, freaked-out folk, and exotic pop gems – a wide variety of tunes’ – Dusty Groove

‘A massive collection of swirling psychedelic folk and rock featuring the sitar… It’s difficult to imagine getting more flower-power drone for the dollar anywhere else’ - AllMusic

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream with this new 11-CD box set! Gathering all eleven volumes in the classic Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers series, it’s packed with Eastern-tinged rock, pop and folk from the hippie heyday of the late 60s and early 70s, as well as the more recent psychedelic revival. Featuring acts from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as India, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Australia and elsewhere, it comes complete with a packed booklet offering background info and images, making it a truly essential trip back to psychedelia’s incense-shrouded golden age.

Ich finde, da ist so*n Haufen drauf, das muß mal genauer erwähnt werden!
& Sitar bis zu abwinken; bis der Arzt kommt, oder so!
Ich dachte gerade an einen Thread mit "klassischer kulturellen Musik" oder so ... das fiel mir assoziativ zu Sitar ein, Tablas rocken ja auch z.b. Shivkumar Sharma ... Hariprasad Chaurasia an der Flöte, und es gab ja auch interessante Inspirationen, Philip Glass "Passages", Shakti "Natural Elements", Oregon ... usw. .... Was denkt ihr?
Gerade, weil man einen falschen Eindruck bekommt, wollte ich Euch aufklären!
Allerding Folk steht in einem anderen Genre, hier ist Psychedelic angesagt! Es würde nicht ganz passen.

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