Peter Gabriel

Ach, dann hole ich doch auch mal wieder den Peter hervor. Die Live Blood Aufnahmen höre ich sehr gerne. Habe sie allerdings bestimmt ein Jahr lang nicht genossen. Infolge dieses Strangs werde ich mir das Konzert aber mal wieder zu Gemüte führen.

The Book Of Love

The Rhythm Of The Heat


Peter Gabriel & Mylène Farmer - Stand Back Mylène !​

Klasse gemachtes Video!

Seine offiziell herausgebrachten Videos waren bzw. sind oft schon etwas abgedreht bzw. skurril.

Hier "Big Time".
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Hi there,

If there’s anyone out there who actually wants to do a deep dive into the music from i/o and how it was created we’re resurrecting the Full Moon Club here as a membership club with a subscription for the price of a cup of coffee every month.

We’ll put some other versions of every song in here, whether it’s another mix, maybe a demo, or perhaps more than one demo just showing how the thing got created or what some of the ideas that influenced the lyrics might be.
This will be for the hardcore, we’ll be doing these full moon releases so just look up at the sky and check out when the moon’s getting bigger and you'll know there's something new coming your way.

Along with the full moon club we’re going to try and learn, so we’d appreciate some feedback as to what might be of interest for you… we may put in extra tracks or some other live stuff, I don’t know... tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll see if we can rustle it together.

A few of you may well have bought Panopticom, so there are few extras already available here that will hopefully make up for that including an extended Full Moon Club video where we start to deep dive into the making of Panopticom.

I hope a few of you stick with me for the ride.

Bei Bandcamp:
Klingt nicht uninteressant.
Was ich sehr bedauerlich finde ist, dass die immersiven Versionen wohl nur online verfügbar sein werden. Also keine Blu-Ray oder ähnliches. Da bin ich von Peter Gabriel schon sehr enttäuscht.

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