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Porcupine Tree - NEARfest 2001 (Full Show)

Porcupine Tree were nearing the end of the 2001 tour for Lightbulb Sun when they performed in front of a packed house in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for NEARfest 2001. Shortly after this performance, the band would be signed to Atlantic Records. It would also be one of the last shows the band did with original drummer Chris Maitland, who would leave during the making of 2002's In Absentia. The set is considered to be a high-point in the bands early years with stellar versions of Russia On Ice, Pure Narcotic and Voyage 34 (Phase One). Because of the nature of my copy of the footage, there are a few cuts scattered around. Thankfully none of them affect the songs. The recording appears to have seen some professional editing, as the encore breaks are absent as well as use of some simple transitions between songs. Both the footage and the audio of the show remain a favorite among fans.

00:00 Even Less
07:45 Slave Called Shiver
13:08 Shesmovedon
18:30 Up The Downstair
25:42 Lightbulb Sun
31:51 Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled
38:26 Russia On Ice
50:41 Pure Narcotic
56:21 Where We Would Be
1:00:05 Hatesong (With the infamous boy band rant preceding it)
1:10:34 Tinto Brass
1:18:13 Stop Swimming
1:25:50 Voyage 34 (Phase One)
1:38:41 Radioactive Toy

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Von der Ukraine nach Australien

JINJER - Alive In Melbourne - Official Full Concert | Napalm Records

Ukraine's progressive groove metal frontrunners JINJER have released their very first official live album and companion full concert video for Alive In Melbourne via Napalm Records.


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Stunden vor seinem Ende... sein letztes Konzert. 12 Stunden später lebte er nicht mehr.
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Für mich persönlich subjektiv ist Dylan ein stinklangweiliges Nichts gegen ihn.

Sein Sohn, der ihm nicht nachsteht:



King Crimson performing live @ Alabama-Halle in Munich, Germany on September 29, 1982

Setlist :
01.Waiting Man
02.Matte Kudasei
03.Sheltering Sky
04.Neal & Jack & Me

Robert Fripp: Guitar
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Drums & Lead Vocal
Tony Levin: Bass, Stick, Synth & Vocal
Bill Bruford: Acoustic and Electric Drums & Percussions
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King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair (Japan 1984)

00:25 Three of a Perfect Pair
06:58 No Warning
10:55 Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part III
16:04 Thela Hun Ginjeet
22:06 Frame By Frame
26:08 Matte Kudasai
29:38 Industry
36:33 Dig Me
40:14 Indiscipline
49:09 Montage video (Three of a Perfect Pair studio version)
50:32 Sartori in Tangier
54:53 Man With an Open Heart
58:39 Waiting Man
1:05:37 Sleepless
1:11:34 Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two
1:17:38 Elephant Talk
1:22:54 Heartbeat


Alter Hase
Oeresund Space Collective - Four Riders take Space Mountain (Rezi S.87 im Eclipsed 2020/2021)
hier "Descent to Reality" live:


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Bitte kein State of the Art Klang und Musikerlebnis erwarten. Für 36 Jahre alte Aufnahmen ist das ganze historisch zu betrachten.

STORMWITCH - Live in Geislingen 1984
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Mitreißender Independent-Music Film aus den frühen 80gern. Off course, die bands sind heute alle vergessen und doch liefern sie einen Einblick in die Vitalität der Musikszene damals. Viele eher ruhige Tracks. Hat übrigens absolut gar nichts mit Punk zu tun. Eher mit Liedermachern, New Psychedelia und getragener Musik.

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